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Here are just a few of the amazing things you can do with WarriorPlus

Limitless Sales Funnels

At WarriorPlus, we don’t believe in limits. No matter how many products or pages you have in your offer, we’ve got you covered. You can do it all...

  • Unlimited Upsells and Downsells
  • Unlimited Products per Page
  • Multiple Payment Providers
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Split Tests

Plus, quickly integrate with email services, membership sites, custom software, and a lot more. We handle all the tech behind the scenes, so you don’t have to.

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Tracking, Stats, Pixels... Oh My!

With our powerful, multi-faceted tracking system, both Vendors and Affiliates can track just about everything! Track clicks, hops, sales, specific leads, and a whole lot more. Our members tell us that WarriorPlus has the best stats & tracking features and capabilities. That makes us proud.

  • Easily add sub IDs to your Vendor and/or Affiliate links, allowing you to better understand your traffic sources and how they convert
  • Track unique leads across the purchase process, seeing when they click, start checkout and complete their purchase. Both Vendors and Affiliates can know exactly who is purchasing from them, how often they visit, and more...
  • Add Facebook, Google and/or custom pixels to your promotions (both Vendor and Affiliate) so you can retarget leads based on their activity, track them in external software, update your CRM - anything you want
  • Visualize all of this in our stats displays and lists, then take action to improve your promotions
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Affiliate Offers Galore

Find the best offers to promote. Affiliates can browse offers to find which ones are performing the best, and then easily request to promote the offer of their choice. See what launched most recently, or sort by sales, visitor value, etc... Vendors can also place ads at the top of the list, allowing them to get more affiliates FAST...

  • Launch Calendar
  • Clear Stats
  • Extra Exposure
  • Easy Link Request
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Know Your Customers

Your data, when you need it. Manage your customers, buyers and subscribers easily. See an overview of your stats and hone in wherever needed. See exactly what your customers are buying, how much they spend, your average customer value, and more... It’s your data and it should be easy for you to access. That’s our goal.

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Multi-Tiered Commissions

Motivate your affiliates. Offer custom commission rates to affiliates who meet specific criteria. We support time-limited and multi-tiered commission structures.

  • Give higher commissions during a certain period (ie during launch) to incentivize affiliates to promote on a certain day or time period. No need to raise or lower commissions on your offer manually.
  • Even more, you can increase commissions for affiliates as they make more sales automatically (ie first 50 sales at 50% commission, 50+ sales at 60% commission, etc...), giving them a good reason to keep promoting to get a larger piece of the pie.
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Easily Manage Affiliates

Keep your affiliates organized. Track your affiliates’ stats, approve/deny requests, change commission rates, change instant or delayed commission status, and more... Watch your affiliates' every move and keep your business running safely and smoothly.

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Automated Product Alerts

Always plugged in for new opportunities. WarriorPlus product alerts keep you on the hunt for new products and opportunities no matter where you are or what you are doing. With alerts for both Keywords and specific Vendors, buyers and affiliates never have to miss what they are most interested in - and Vendors get more sales without lifting a finger

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Powerful Modern API

Do what you want. The WarriorPlus API allows you to integrate your own website and popular software with WarriorPlus. There is really no limit to how you can use this data to improve sales, get more insight into your promotions, access data in any way you like, and more. For the software geeks out there, you can even create your own software and build a business on the data available here. The sky's the limit!

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Even More Features You'll Love...

(And this isn't even half of them!)

Coupon Codes

Make everyone happy by offering coupons to your buyers. New Discounted Price Coupons, Specific “% OFF” Coupons and Specific “$ OFF” Coupons available.


Offer your early traffic a 'pre-launch special' or early bird deal using our pre-launch settings. You'll get a custom pre-launch buy button and have multiple options for running your special.

Easy Ad Placement

Promote Your Offer to Affiliates! We make it easy for you to purchase ads that showcase your offer at the TOP of our affiliate marketplace, where JVs go to search for offers to promote!

Split Testing

Test! Test! Test! Add multiple sales pages to your offers so you can test different versions of your sales copy, colors, shapes, sizes, fonts, videos, you name it. Knock yourself out with testing!

Multiple Payment Options

As a vendor, you can accept payment via PayPal OR Stripe. Or both. You are not limited to only PayPal. 1-Click upsells are possible when you use Stripe as your payment method.

JV Contracts

Partner with others on your offers. Share revenue for every purchase with partners OR offer a 2nd tier ‘Affiliate Referral’ commission to anyone who refers affiliates to promote your offer.

Automatic 'Delayed' Payouts

No need to rely on vendors to manually send you your earnings. As an affiliate, any pending commissions will become instantly available for withdrawal after they clear.

Facebook Notifications

Never miss affiliate requests again, notify your buyers when you go live, and more... Our Facebook notifications get seen where you already hang out

Deal of the Day

Powerful new products selected daily by our team for you. The Deal Of The Day is (as the name states) the product we think offers our members something really special.

Delegate Logins

Account holders can give limited access to partners or employees. This is especially handy if you have a VA and they need access to produce sales & marketing reports.

Affiliate Accelerator

With Affiliate Accelerator enabled, you harness the reach and influence of WarriorPlus to promote your affiliate offer via email and advertising.

Instant Payments

Get paid instantly via Paypal for affiliate commissions. Vendors can designate specific affiliates to get immediate commission payments via Paypal. This is a great way to attract top-tier affiliates.

Affiliate Sync

Seamlessly copy all of your affiliates from one offer to another. This allows you to get promotion commitments from JVs without having to ask them to request permission every time.

Purchase History

If you purchased something on WarriorPlus you can access it easily from the 'purchase history' page within your account. Manage your subscriptions, access products and more.

Vendor Profiles

Get to know WarriorPlus sellers better and browse the other products and services they offer right from their profile page. Follow them to make sure you don't miss a thing.

Launch Calendar

Always stay up to date and know what launches are coming up with our internal launch calendar. As a vendor you can get affiliate exposure and keep competitors at bay.

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