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Carl "Noble-Ameer" Smith

Peoria, IL.
CEO & Founder at Brain Bang Campaign
Executive Director for United In Peace, Inc., Youth Outreach Minister, Freedom Fighter for social justice for the all humanity!
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Member Since: July 2018
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Meet & Greet Carl “Ameer” Smith
(Birth name Carl J. Smith, dob 5/22/1971)
Mobile Device: 309.713.7391
Email: Nobleenigma777@hotmail.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/nobleameerali

IN THE VISION OF GLOBAL LEADERSHIP – On January 01, 2013 Carl J. Smith, aka “Noble-Ameer”, was Elected to the United In Peace, Inc. Executive Board of Directors and Duly Installed as an Authorized Officer serving the Board as Executive Director and acting Chairman. Carl has been actively involved in mentoring and has had the benefit of being mentored by our beloved President since the inception of United In Peace, Inc. in 1993.
While the initiatives of United In Peace, Inc. have grown and developed exponentially, we have remained a consistent beacon of light in serving our primary objective of turning the tide on and putting a stop to the gangbanging, bullying, the present and dire state of violence, senseless shootings, rape of our women and the disrespect and robbery of our elders and senior citizens throughout our illustrious country.
United In Peace, Inc. is a lawfully incorporated non-profit 501.C.3 private foundation / movement in the Great State of Illinois with community outreach and engagement in more than 35 states of the union since 1994 being established in late 1992-1993. We are totally dependent on donors, sponsors and innovative solutions of revenue generation through our large footprint in the social media space.

Among many other roles Carl has the pleasure to serve in the capacity of and often fulfills a motivational role in addition to office-based work. Among his most cherished role is to motivate and mentor members, volunteers, and staff, and may chair meetings, fundraising, outreach events, developing the organizational culture while delivering Spiritual and Moral Guidance, etc.

A brief look back at a few of Carl Smith’s professional accomplishments:

Carl is currently the CEO & Founder of Global Noble Dynamics a parent company of Brain-Bang Campaign clothing, accessories and publications designed to displace and disrupt the negative images and influence being fed to our youth on social media channels and replace and replenish them with positive and productive affirmations, encouraging messages of hope and dedication to education for their future; we take the negative and turn it into a positive, while providing online real time around the clock direct, indirect, subliminal and overt intervention and salvation for our at-risk youth.

Carl is currently serving as Chief Technology Officer and Business Growth Consultant for several prestigious law firms and community grassroots organizations in the heartland of Illinois and throughout the Midwest.

Carl is also an independent consultant specializing in Six Sigma Methodologies of Process Improvement, Safety & Environmental Controls and ISO Quality Management Systems deployment.

He served as Director of Process Control & Improvement, for the ARMS Group (Absolute Risk Management Strategies) in Peoria, IL.
He was also the co-Founder of G.S.I.G. – (Global Safety Intel Group)…Specializing in being Total Risk Management, Predictive Modeling and Safety. Carl led the quality support, continual improvement, reliability, customer interface and research for ARMS. Named to the position in early 2011, he was responsible for strategies that deliver an integrated experience for ARMS clients through alignment and support of key customer-interfacing activities, critical success factors and touch points.

During his tenure at the ARMS Group, Carl successfully wrote 3 technical patents, one a business model patent and two of which were proprietary innovative technological utility patents designed to provide safety for first responders in emergency response conditions and to save millions of lives of commercial and residential inhabitants.

Carl also currently holds majority ownership and is founder of the Global Noble I.T. Group; a local information technology full service and support group with an emphasis in virus and malware solutions serving the greater Peoria metro area in Illinois. The Global Noble I.T. Group was established in late 2007.

He served a previous tenure at Caterpillar Inc. 2008 - 2009 as an ISO 9001:2008 / TS 16949:2002 Lead Internal Auditor providing consulting and support to the top tier management of Quality Governance and Assessment at the Caterpillar Transmission Business Unit.

During his tenure at Caterpillar Inc., in one short year, Carl and four of his colleagues successfully achieved facility level certification for the ISO 9001:2008 standards and requirements. He also served as change agent and consultant for the collaboration of internal standards and initiatives (EHS Safety, MQ12005, CPS assessments, etc.) in support of the Caterpillar Enterprise.

During this same tenure Carl successfully served on multiple Six Sigma Lean Black Belt projects, one of which he served as a Team Leader (6 Sigma Document Control Project). While serving the enterprise he co-authored and approved several Standard Operating Procedures, work instructions, procedures, tutorials, corrective / preventive actions, etc.

Previously from 2003 – 2008 Carl served at Allied Welding Inc. a tier 3 OEM chain supplier of precision machining and heavy fab. weldments. Climbing the apex of Quality Management, Carl was promoted 3 times over five years from Quality Technician, Quality Engineer to Allied Welding’s first Process Control and Improvement Manager. His final appointment came with a mandatory recommendation from the company’s primary customers, (Caterpillar Inc. and Komatsu).

The PCM (Process Control Manager) primary role was first contact of quality and reliability support to external customers. During Carl’s tenure at Allied
Welding Inc. he successfully achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification and the renewal of this accreditation. He was instrumental in the design and facilitation of the company’s Quality Management System.

Among Carl’s accumulated 20+ years of Quality Management experience, he has served the private and public sectors in a spectrum of capacities ranging from manufacturing, information technology, State Government, hospitality and real estate.

Among his awards and achievements is his most prized possession of the 1997 congratulatory House Joint Resolution #406 for his service to the Tennessee State House of Representatives as a Legislative Assistant and Intern during the 100th – 101st General Assembly. Carl earned this award while attending Tennessee State University in the Computer Science and Technologies program (1995 – 1998).

In 1996, Carl Smith was Coronated Executive Ruler of the Adept Chamber of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. (3rd Heaven).
A few of his acquired credentials can be noted here as:

●Certified ISO 9000 QMS Lead Auditor

●Certified ISO 9001:2008 / TS 16949:2002 Internal Auditor

●Certified SPC for Short Production Runs
(Sponsored by Caterpillar Global Purchasing)

●Six Sigma in Logistics
●Lean Manufacturing & Kanban
●Business Risk Management
●Caterpillar Quality 2010
●Multiple Caterpillar CPS, Quality and Assembly Courses

●Certified Internal Auditor ISO 9001:2000

Caterpillar MPCD-TBU, East Peoria, IL.:
●Six Sigma Green Belt DMAIC Training
(Belting and Certificate of Completion)
●Completion of CPS (Caterpillar Production Systems) - S.W.E. (Simulated Work Environment)
2008 Caterpillar Global Purchasing (Process Control Conference)
●CPS Yellow Belt Training / Error Proofing (Poka – Yoke)

Master Guard Corp., Veedersburg, IN.
●Certified Statistical Process Control Analyst. (Completed requirements of the Technicomp. SPC-1, SPC-2 Series) QS9000 Auditor

Allied Welding, Inc., Chillicothe, IL.
●Six Sigma Green Belt
●Certified Welding Supervisor (AWS B5.9)
●Certified Floor Auditor
●Certified Fork Lift Licensor - Allied Welding, Inc.

Real Estate Licensee - Florida Bar

Carl “Ameer” Smith was accredited and served the Literacy Volunteers of America in 1992. The same year he received a certificate of completion in Child Psychology. From 1996 – 1998 Carl served as a volunteer Mentor and Counselor for the 100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee. During this time he was also the Co-Founder of the Growing-In-Grace Leadership Roundup School for at risk youth in Middle Tennessee of which he directly supervised the character and etiquette training for more than 130 students.

Carl’s counseling and mentorship roles are an active and ongoing part of his public and private SMART Goals.

Carl Smith’s favorite saying is, “I AM - dedicated, determined and disciplined to remain a servant of God’s will to uplift fallen humanity!”

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By Armstrong

A RESOLUTION to congratulate Carl “Ameer” Smith for outstanding work as an intern and legislative assistant.
WHEREAS, throughout the course of each legislative session, there have emerged certain individuals who far exceed the basic requirements set forth for them to follow; and
WHEREAS, Carl Smith has distinguished himself as one such individual through his work as a legislative intern for Representative Joe Armstrong; his efforts resulted in untold benefits for the member he served and the General Assembly as a whole; and
WHEREAS, a highly regarded student at Tennessee State University where he is pursuing a degree in computer science, Carl Smith has excelled both academically and in extracurricular activities; and
WHEREAS, he received a certificate of completion in Psychology of Personality and Literacy Volunteers of America; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Smith is extremely active in the Growing in Grace Leadership School Round-Up, of which he is co-founder of the group’s Imani Team and directly supervises 130 students. He is also a member of the 100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee, serving with probity as a mentor and counselor; and
WHEREAS, during the 1997 legislative session, he exceeded all standards with regard to the qualities that are expected of a dedicated and competent legislative intern; and
WHEREAS, eager to learn more about the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of Tennessee state government and to aid in his studies, Carl Smith brought his many skills to the State Capitol for the 1997 session of the One-Hundredth General Assembly; and
WHEREAS, he has performed his many responsibilities with extraordinary intelligence and alacrity; now, therefore,
BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE ONE- HUNDREDTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE, THE SENATE CONCURRING, That we hereby commend Carl “Ameer” Smith for his outstanding service as a legislative assistant and intern and extend to him our best wishes for every continued success.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That an appropriate copy of this resolution be prepared for presentation to Mr. Smith with this final clause omitted from such copy