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Karl "The SharK" Schuckert

United States
Co CEO at Global Ripple Marketing
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Karl was born into sales by a father who was a TV and appliances salesman, a mother who was an ex-criminal and drug dealer, (She is reformed now thank you) a grandma who sold stock and helped companies go public, by underwriting OTC Stock offerings. A grandfather who was a real state tycoon in TX. Owned a real-estate firm and mortgage firm along with many other businesses. Both Parents and Grandparents were serial entrepreneurs and contributed a lot of influence directly and indirectly for Karl.

Karl has built or has helped build a few start-up software companies, info products, software such as a CRM, eCom related SaaS, Membership software and much more. He has worked for and with many leaders in the product launching game. Which is where he received the nickname "The SharK”. By mid-2016 he helped bring in over $3.4 million dollars in 3 businesses, not including his insurance brokerage which does over 7 figures in renewable premium.

After being one of the most recognized launch brokers Karl was quietly building two monster software and training programs. One of them is SegMate which is a chatbot and messenger marketing platform and the other is Impulsely which is an eCom Funnel building application.

Karl lives and n Lake Tahoe with his wife Ikumi and daughter Madison.
His family owns a mid to high-end Wine Bar and Restaurant in Zephyr Cove Lake Tahoe.

Karl "The Shark” Schuckert

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