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[Advanced Topic] I want to integrate WSO Pro with a membership script or other third party script. Is this possible?


The WarriorPlus system has 2 features that allow you to integrate third party scripts.

(While we cannot offer support for any specific third party scripts, and there may be some that will not work, the following is a good overview of how it works.)

1) IPN Forwarding URL

WarriorPlus will forward the EXACT IPN data received from Paypal to your script when you use this option. Just enter the URL of a script you have on your server, and the data will be sent (via POST) to it after a sale is complete. You can do whatever you need to do with this data to get your script to recognize and handle the sale.

In addition, you will receive any future IPN messages sent from Paypal in regards to this transaction. If this is a subscription, that will be most useful to you. Also, it will notify you of a refund or reversal.

2) Key Generation URL

This feature is similar to the "IPN Forwarding URL", in that you will receive the IPN data from Paypal. It differs in 2 very important ways, though:

First, you will be able to "return" some text back to WarriorPlus, and that text will be included on the WarriorPlus thank you page for the buyer to see. This comes in very handy if you need to send a license key, login info, etc... Just keep the output to 512 characters or less.

(The text is returned by simply outputting it in your script.)

Second, only the initial IPN message from Paypal will be sent to your script, and not all IPN messages. For this reason be recommending using both this option AND the "IPN Forwarding URL" if you are offering a recurring subscription and need to know if it gets cancelled, etc.

You can find more information about Key Generation here.

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