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How do I set up "Multi-Tiered" Commissions?


In order to create a "Multi-Tiered" commission structure for your affiliates, you will need to create a "Commission Rule."

Multi-Tiered Commissions are specific commissions that are tiered to offer specific commission rates to affiliates, based on their sales volume. 

(For example, if you want an affiliate that has made 0-24 sales to earn 50% commission, but an affiliate that has made 24-49 sales to earn 60% and an affiliate who has made 50-99 sales to earn 65% --> You can easily set this up within WarriorPlus.)

To set up Multi-Tiered Commissions:

1. Login to your WarriorPlus Account

2. Click on "Vendors" in the top menu

3. Click on "Commission Rules"

4. There will be a link to create a new commission rule

5. Select "Multi-Tiered" from the dropdown menu

6. Select the "Offer" that you wish to set up multi-tiered commissions for

7. The "Product(s)" associated with that offer will appear

8. Enter the "minimum" and "maximum" sales for each Tier and the commission rate for that tier. 

9. You can click on "Add Tier" to add up to 5 tiers to each product in your offer.

10. Click SAVE RULE to complete the setup process and you're done! 

If you want to learn how to set up "Time Limited" Commissions that run for a certain time period and expire at the end of the time period, check out this article here:


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