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Affiliate Commission Refunds and PayPal Disputes


If a buyer opens a PayPal dispute, it is up to you to decide how to handle the dispute and is ultimately between you and the buyer.

If you end up sending them a refund through PayPal, any affiliate commissions that were paid out for that transaction SHOULD automatically be returned to your PayPal account. 

NOTE: If for some reason the affiliate commission(s) are not refunded to you automatically, you can come back to WarriorPlus and process the refund again through us in order to get any affiliate commissions that were paid out, refunded back to your account. To do so, follow the refund process HERE.

Don't worry, it will NOT process the refund again or 'double' refund your buyer. This allows you to get any commission(s) that were paid out to affiliates for those transactions.

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