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What are coupons and how are they used?


Coupons on WarriorPlus work like "Discounts" on your products/offers that can be assigned to specific buyers and/or affiliates as well as to specific tracking links.

They can also be limited to a specific number of uses or have an expiration date.

Coupons on WarriorPlus do NOT require the buyer to enter any codes.

To create a coupon, click on "Vendors" in the top menu and then click on "coupons."

Then click on the GREEN BUTTON that says "+ New Coupon"

On the coupon creation page, you will enter all the details for your coupon/discount, as seen below:

You have 3 options when it comes to designing your coupon:

1. You can choose to create your coupon based on the Dollar Value of the coupon (if the coupon value is $10, your buyers would receive $10 OFF the purchase price).

2. You can create a Discount Percentage which would represent the percentage of your buyers' savings.

3. You can enter the NEW Purchase Price, which is the new price INCLUDING your applied discount/coupon.

Once you edit those details, you will be able to limit your coupon(s) to SPECIFIC OFFERS AND/OR PRODUCTS - OR you can have it be "global" and applied to ALL of your offers/products (by leaving it on "== ANY OFFER ==" etc).

Typically, vendors will want coupons for SPECIFIC products and offers.

You can also auto-assign the coupon/discount to a specific BUYER and/or AFFILIATE.

Once your coupon is complete, CLICK on "Save Coupon" and then you can assign it to specific tracking links if you desire.

Assigning Coupons to Vendor Tracking Links:

To assign a coupon to a specific vendor tracking link, click on "Get Code" in the offer editor for the product you want to set up the coupon for. Then, click on the Tracking Link TAB. Then a window will show up (See IMAGE Below):

When you set up a tracking link and assign a coupon to it, every time you send traffic to that link (with the SubID) and the buy button is clicked, the coupon/discount will be applied (unless the coupon has otherwise expired or had its max uses met).


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