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How Do I Request a Refund for a Product I Purchased Through WarriorPlus


Important Note: Vendors/Sellers are responsible for ALL refunds. WarriorPlus is NOT the vendor. Each product is listed on WarriorPlus by individual vendors/sellers.

ALWAYS go to the original vendor first for support or refund requests, regardless of who received payment for the order (the seller/vendor or an affiliate). The original vendor can contact any of their affiliates to process refunds.

There are several ways you can contact the seller/vendor for an offer you have purchased. The preferred method is to use the "support email" address.

You can find the seller/vendor support email address in 2 places:

1) Near the bottom of the email you received from WarriorPlus after your purchase was made. 

2) On the "WarriorPlus Thank You Page". (This is where you are redirected after purchase, and also where the link in the email takes you.) The vendor's name will be a "drop-down" menu and when you click on it you will be able to access the Support Email or Support URL for that vendor.

* Be sure to include 1) your item number (ie wso_a1b2c3_456789) and 2) your PayPal email address so the vendor can easily locate your purchase and provide you with the service you need the first time. You can also provide your Transaction ID (optional).

Be sure to give adequate time for the seller/vendor to respond to your request. We recommend at least 24-48 hours, which is standard response time for online businesses.

If you have made attempts to reach the seller and you have had no response then it is time to open a support request with WarriorPlus. When opening a ticket please provide the details of the steps you have taken to contact the seller.

If you have made sufficient attempts to contact the seller through the steps above and you have not had a response then we will send a request on your behalf. If that doesn't work then you will need to go through PayPal as a FINAL attempt to get the support you need.

By following the steps above you will keep your WarriorPlus account in good standing...

Please read the following article about opening PayPal disputes to clarify the importance of following the proper support channels to avoid having your WarriorPlus account closed: http://www.warriorplus.com/support/knowledgebase.php?article=74

Warrior Forum Members NOTE: Asking for refunds in WSO threads is considered bad etiquette.

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