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Legacy Feature Retirement and Migrations (V1)


As of May 15, 2016, the following legacy WarriorPlus features are no longer available:

  • Product types using old Paypal "rotating payments" features, based on the Paypal Standard API (non-Adaptive Payments)
  • Products using legacy "subscription" features from Paypal Standard, as mentioned above
  • Standalone products linked to Warrior Forum WSOs (all products now sold via 'Offers')
  • Products connected to "legacy" autoresponder processes that we deprecated in 2013
  • Products using our first attempt at "sales funnels" that were linked together in the product editor via "parent id". (All sales funnels now use our Offers system)

Any action that needs to be taken regarding these changes were communicated with affected vendors via email, and can also be found by visiting the product editor found under Home >> Vendors >> Products.

We will update this document as needed, to answer any frequent questions brought up at our support desk.

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