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How do I process refunds? (Vendors)



1. To process a refund for a buyer of one of your products, you can go to "Vendors" in the top navigation menu, then click on "Transactions" or use the direct link here:

2. Near the top of the page, there is a yellow box designed to "search sales" and it has 3 text boxes in it: Buyer Email, Item # and Transaction ID. You can search for individual purchases using the buyer's email address, the item # or the Transaction ID. The buyer's email address is usually the easiest and quickest way. Enter the buyer's email address and click "Search Sales."

3. Find the purchase you're looking for and click the "Eyeball" ICON/SYMBOL to the right of it. The icon looks like this:

4. You will now have the option to refund the buyer with the click of a button. It will be the 3rd button down on the right, underneath the options to "Email Buyer" and "Resend Receipt." Click "Refund Buyer" and follow the prompts and your refund will be complete.

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