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Can I track sales from different traffic sources?


It's easy to track sales from different traffic sources on WarriorPlus. 

You can simply add any string of text to the end of your affiliate link (which will be your tracking code) and it will track it on the affiliate stats page, which can be accessed by clicking the name of the product on the affiliate stats page. 

To set up your tracking links: Click on "
Affiliates" and then click on "get links" Then you will click on the green button that says "Get Link" next to the product you wish to promote. Copy the link and then paste it into a text program of your choice (notepad, word, etc) and then you can add your tracking code (string of text) to the end of your affiliate link. Make sure there is a "/" before the tracking code.

So, with your tracking code added, the link would like like this:

warriorplus.com/<affiliate link>/<your_tracking_code>

To track your traffic: Click on "Affiliates" in the top menu and then click on "stats." Then click on the name of the product that you wish to track. You will see your "hops" which are the amount of visitors you've had to your affiliate link and your custom tracking code(s) will be there along with how many hops they have received. 

 When creating your tracking codes, be sure to make them something you will remember easily. (For example, if you're sending traffic from a specific list, your tracking code might be "List1" so that all the "hops" you get with that tracking code will have come from that mailing.)

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