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How does receiving commissions work?


As a vendor or affiliate on WarriorPlus, you can receive commissions on your own products or those that you promote. There are a few different ways commissions are paid, as explained below.

Instant Paypal Commissions

Most products sold on WarriorPlus allow PayPal as a payment option.  When this is the case, vendors and affiliates can receive their commissions instantly via what is known as PayPal's Adaptive Payments system.

In this case, when a sale is made, the commission due to those who are part of the transaction -- the vendor, affiliate and/or JV partners -- is calculated and immediately paid to the PayPal accounts of everyone involved.

There are some cases, however, where even though PayPal is used for payment, commissions are not paid instantly.  In this case, they are known as 'Delayed Payments', and details on those are explained below.

Note: In order for affiliates to receive instant commissions, the vendor must approve them for instant commissions, or they will be on 'delayed' by default. 

Delayed Commissions / Pending Earnings and Withdrawals

There are a few instances where delayed commissions are used:

1. Payment method used is NOT PayPal

When a buyer makes a purchase via a method other than Paypal, commission payouts to affiliates and JV partners are delayed, generally for between 7 and 30 days.

This is because those payment methods do not make the funds immediately available, and it also helps us to prevent issues with fraud, have funds avaiable for refunds and/or chargebacks that could occur, etc.

2. New affiliates or low affiliate score

All members of WarriorPlus who are involved in selling products (vendors and affiliiates) are assigned an internal score that takes into account things like how new the account is, how many sales have been made, refunds, etc. This score is then used to calculate a delay on commissions, which is generally between 7 and 30 days after a sale is made.

As the score increases, the delay will also be reduced, until it reaches 0, at which times instant commissions can be paid according to the info above (when PayPal is used for payment).

In general, these delays ONLY apply to affiliates and/or JV partners -- vendors still receive their portion of their sales immediately to the payment account used to receive funds in the transaction. (There may be very limited circumstances where a vendor is subject to delay as well, generally when there is concern of fraudulent sales.)

At any time, a member can get information on their delayed commissions, balances, and release dates by visiting the 'Pending Earnings' section in th
eir account.  This can be found here: https://warriorplus.com/user/earnings/ -OR- by clicking on your username in the upper-right hand corner of WarriorPlus.com and then selecting "Account Settingsfrom the dropdown menu. Then click on "Pending Earnings."



When earnings are eligible for withdrawal, they can be withdrawn via PayPal or Stripe.

For more information about "Withdrawals" and eligibility, read this article here: 



There are WarriorPlus fees and payment processing fees (Paypal, Stripe, etc) that apply to all product purchases. All fees are paid by the vendor/seller of a product.

Note: On products that offer 100% commission, the fees are still paid by the seller, but will affect the remaining amount to be paid as commission.

EXAMPLE: If you promote a product that is $1 and offers 100% commission -- after the vendor pays WarriorPlus and PayPal fees, there will be LESS than $1 left over for your commission.

Payment processor fees may vary based on the vendor's relationship with the payment processor, but you can see our current fees here: https://warriorplus.com/wsopro 

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