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Get Your Salesletter Written AND Designed for $7?

" brainer buy on this one...even does the copy
for you automatically..."

If you've EVER despaired over getting your
salesletters done...

...let alone getting them beautifully formatted and up
on a website...

Look no further!

Robert -- a Warrior Forum member since 2002 -- is BACK,
with one of the most amazing bargains...

A WordPress plugin that creates beautiful salesletters
-- ready to send traffic to -- in just 7 clicks...

When you see EVERYTHING this does, and ALL it'd expect to pay much MUCH more...

but for some crazy reason, Robert's letting you
pick this up for a mind-bogglingly affordable $7...

Born out of his frustration in creating sales pages
+ took too long to create
+ didn't turn out the way he wanted
+ cost too much

(sound familiar?)

...Robert got to work and put this exceptional plugin

Imagine being just *7* clicks away from a
+ Professionally written salesletter
+ High-converting optin form
+ Download Page
+ Webinar Registration page

Not only that ... it comes with pre-made LEGAL forms
and pages (you know, things like "privacy policy",
"disclaimers" and more -- all customizable with your

EVERYTHING you need...

If getting more buy buttons out there has been a

Then you'll want to pick this up and start putting
them up in minutes...



Mike Lantz
WSO of the Day - January 11, 2013