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Done For You: Your Own Camera, Photo and Video Store (coolice is back)

"...When you buy it, you are NOT just buying one Clone
site... you are buying well over ONE HUNDRED Clone

Once again, Coolice has demonstrated why he is one of
my VERY favorite WSO vendors...

His latest "clone" site makes it SUPER simple for you
to start selling Cameras, Photography Equipment and
Video as an Amazon affiliate...

I mean -- you can have this site up in mere MINUTES...

...and not be sweating things like...
+ writing reviews...
+ figuring out what products to promote...
+ configuring plugins...

...and it's 100% FULLY automated...

You do not need to be techie at ALL...

Everything is taken care of for you...perfect if you've
NEVER been able to get an affiliate site up (or even
know how)...

And CAMERAS...who doesn't LOVE cameras? Talk about
some sweet, sweet affiliate commissions...

This is perfect timing...what with Mother's Day,
Father's Day, June Weddings, Graduations...this is
PRIME photography and video season...

If all that weren't enough, Coolice gives you
these powerful bonuses...
+ 100+ premium QUALITY, short and catchy domain
+ Complete Amazon affiliate program walkthrough and
BEST practices
+ Over 100 pages of ninja material on website promotion,
traffic and more...

I seriously can't think of anything that he's left out.
But if he has -- it's built on WordPress, so you can
add in OTHER Amazon plugins...

Coolice's his customers are heaping's a
few more tidbits...

"...this software [is] INSANE...Coolice provides the
BEST service you can imagine. Honestly..."

"...using ALL Coolice's clones; I have been able to
create a sustainable income with them within 6 months
coming in as a total newbie; not knowing what a
WordPress site was..."

"..... every dollar I spend with him is likely the
best investment in my online empire that I've ever

I see he's added this tagline..."It's Like Magic! You
Just Push The Button..."

Seriously...I've NEVER seen another product that can
claim that as well as Coolice's sites...

Coolice's photography clone site gives you a
COMPLETE set of tools and tactics to make some
sweet, darn near passive income...



Mike Lantz
WSO of the Day - April 26, 2013

P.S. When you pick up the upgrade (highly
recommended), Coolice will install the site
for you, if you want. And EXTREMELY fast, too...