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Vlad & Stoica

Developer/Marketer at BlasterSuite
Offering best support and updates for all our products!
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Owner with Stoica of and all BlasterSuite products.
Been working on our products since 2009, and MVB pro (one of our first products) is still updated at this day (after 6 years).
Check out all our products at

All products sold get free auto-updates for life. Whenever a new update is available, the product will update itself instantly.
Offering top quality support to all our products, 5000+ clients can't be wrong.

Looking forward in to working with you!

Live Event Blaster 2
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Platforms » YouTube
Marketing Education » SEO
3000+ sales
Video Marketing Blaster
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Platforms » YouTube
2000+ sales
Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus
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Platforms » YouTube
Services » Graphics / Video Creation
2000+ sales