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Disaster Looming for Local Businesses?

What if you spent hundreds or thousands on your website -- and no one came?

Or, if they came, instantly left, because the visitor saw Google's warning about the site being "not secure."

That's the disaster looming for local businesses.

And because of that, providing SSL services has become one of the hottest opportunities for offline consultants.

Here's how to get a HUGE jump on having hot SSL leads pouring in: 

Jo's brilliant, professional consultant's pack.

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"...Big opportunity to fix this for anyone with a website..."

It's Google's "fault" -- though they've been warning that this change was coming, and now it's getting rolled out.

And website owners are feeling the pinch, in lost visitors, far fewer leads, and drop in sales.

So, to say it opens up a fantastic, rare opportunity for local consultants is, well, an understatement.

With Jo's full-featured consultant's pack, you can quickly and easily get the word out about your SSL services.

Not only do you get a premium professional designed and responsive WordPress theme...

Jo has ALSO stuffed this consultant's pack with:

  • 8,700 word lead magnet
  • 4 HD Lead Gen Videos to practically compel viewers to download the lead magnet
  • 4 400 word follow up emails 
  • 5 high quality SSL articles...

In short, a complete "funnel" to practically land SSL clients for you: fully convincing your visitors of their need to get this fixed, fast.

Look, let's face it -- doing it yourself, or hiring it out would take you MUCH more time and MUCH more moolah.

Especially, when you can have a fully functional lead gen site up in minutes, and for less than a few fiverr gigs during this introductory special.

And, get developer's rights to the theme thrown in.

Talk about an easy, no-brainer way to attract and close clients!

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